Lee Do Hyun in talks to work with Song Hye Kyo for “The Glory”

Posted 2021/10/13 0

Lee Do Hyun will reportedly join the upcoming drama “The Glory”

According to several media outlets on October 13th Lee Do Hyun received the offer to play as the main lead for the upcoming drama “The Glory.”

Lee Do Hyun’s agency Yuehua Entertainment responded to the reports, stating that the actor is positively reviewing the casting offer.

“The Glory” is the next project of writer Kim Eun Sook (“Descendants of the Sun”) and director Ahn Gil Ho (“Stranger”.) This will also be the follow-up drama of Song Hye Kyo after “Now, We’re Breaking Up.”

The upcoming drama “The Glory will be about Moon Dong Eun who dreamt of becoming an architect as a child but decided to drop out of school due to brutal school violence. She waited for the perpetrator to get married, have a child, and send her child to elementary school, and became the child’s homeroom teacher. The drama will showcase the sad and evil story of desperate revenge.

Song Hye Kyo will portray the role of Moon Dong Eun, the victim of bullying in high school. Lee Do Hyun on the other hand received an offer for the role of Joo Yeo Jung. He’s a carefree person from a rich family who’s going to help Moon Dong Eun in her revenge.

Lee Do Hyun has been active in promoting as an actor. The actor has been on several dramas a year. Just like last year, he was part of “18 Again” and “Sweet Home.” For this year, he starred in the drama “Youth of May” with
Go Min Si. He will also take the lead in the soon-to-air drama “Melancholia” with Im Soo Jung.

If Lee Do Hyun accepts the offer, this will be his first official project for next year. Previously, it was reported that the actor will star in the drama “Bloodhound” but the agency confirmed this month that Lee Do Hyun declined the drama. A new season of his past drama “Sweet Home” will be produced, but according to reports, Lee Do Hyun will not return to the series.


What are your thoughts on the possible partnership of Lee Do Hyun and Song Hye Kyo?